Entry #1

New Idea!

2008-02-18 02:14:51 by ChiChiGoober77

This is my first post, just because I couldn't stand seeing the sad-faced "no posts yet" tag. Just to let anyone who might stumble on this know, I am designing my first large scaled project. It is greatly influenced from talking with the creator of Fancy Pants Adventures, so if you liked his stuff, you might look forward to this. I'll keep you updated on the status of the game. Right now it's in design faze. There are 2 characters: Jey and West. One is a cool-cat bad ace mofo with a thing for shoes and the other is a dog-looking high-classes profession guy with a taste for ties. That may sound weird but I will give you more info later!


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2008-09-07 00:46:50

you are a R-E-T-A-R-D. no wait, lemme say it like you can understand...ugh durr durrdy duurrrr, huhuhu, duhr....